Pivotal with Hayete Gallot
At the center of every technology transformation are people with visionary ideas for innovation, and the drive to push them forward. Pivotal with Hayete Gallot from Microsoft spotlights the heroes who are giving technology its purpose and driving impact for their business, community, and society.
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Project Gutenberg expands access to literature by creating audiobooks with AI
APRIL 16, 2024
Project Gutenberg is the world’s first digital library. For over 50 years, it has been steadfast in its commitment to provide free, unfettered access to digitized literature for everyone. Run entirely by volunteers and driven purely by its mission to share public domain liter...
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AI at scale: Accenture’s journey to empowering 10,000 developers with Copilot
MARCH 27, 2024
After a successful initial rollout of GitHub Copilot that increased developer productivity, Accenture now has given the tool to more than 10,000 developers worldwide — with a burgeoning waitlist of teams eager to deploy other Copilots. 
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How the UAE is closing the education gap with AI tutors
MARCH 11, 2024
What if every student had access to a personal tutor who could help them learn based on customized areas of improvement or subjects of interest? This was the ambitious goal of the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Education. To turn this into reality, they connected with Quddus Pativada, the 2...
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