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How Alberta Wildfire uses AI to suppress fires and save lives​
JUNE 04, 2024
Alberta Wildfire is the fire management agency of the province of Alberta, Canada. With recent fire seasons growing longer and more intense, the agency has been looking to technology to help them be more strategic in how they allocate firefighters and equipment. ​​...
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Arianna Huffington’s vision of how AI will help humanity thrive
APRIL 30, 2024
Among her many roles and accomplishments, Arianna Huffington is the founder and CEO of Thrive Global, a leading behavioral change technology company with a mission to redefine productivity through wellbeing.​​Thrive Global is building an AI-powered assistant that will gently nudg...
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Project Gutenberg expands access to literature by creating audiobooks with AI
APRIL 16, 2024
Project Gutenberg is the world’s first digital library. For over 50 years, it has been steadfast in its commitment to provide free, unfettered access to digitized literature for everyone. Run entirely by volunteers and driven purely by its mission to share public domain liter...
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AI at scale: Accenture’s journey to empowering 10,000 developers with Copilot
MARCH 27, 2024
After a successful initial rollout of GitHub Copilot that increased developer productivity, Accenture now has given the tool to more than 10,000 developers worldwide — with a burgeoning waitlist of teams eager to deploy other Copilots. 
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How the UAE is closing the education gap with AI tutors
MARCH 11, 2024
What if every student had access to a personal tutor who could help them learn based on customized areas of improvement or subjects of interest? This was the ambitious goal of the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Education. To turn this into reality, they connected with Quddus Pativada, the 2...
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AGRIVI puts AI to work on farms worldwide
FEBRUARY 13, 2024
On this episode of Pivotal, we meet Matija Zulj, the founder and CEO of the Croatian software company AGRIVI. Mitija explains how his company’s new AI solution — AGRIVI Ed — is making a large trove of industry and environmental data available and accessible to farmers to help them make better,...
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BeeOdiversity uses AI and Mother Nature to protect the environment
JANUARY 30, 2024
BeeOdiversity’s mission is to help regenerate biodiversity and reduce pesticides and heavy metals in the environment by combining the brilliance of Mother Nature with technology. Their BeeOmonitoring solution uses data obtained from bees to measure pollutants and the state of biodiversity — an...
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How Copilot is transforming customer service at Microsoft
JANUARY 16, 2024
In the world of customer service, being able to understand the customer's needs, resolve issues, and pass along critical information to other service agents are critical factors that companies must get right. Ric Todd, Director of Strategy and Innovation for Customer Service and Supp...
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Taking the car-buying experience to the max with AI​
JANUARY 02, 2024
When somebody is shopping for a car, they need real-world reviews and practical information about each make and model. But for retailers with tens of thousands of cars for sale at any given time, offering the right content for shoppers to make an informed decision is a continual challenge. ​
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Building a responsible AI to partner with humankind
DECEMBER 12, 2023
Since the beginning of Natasha Crampton’s career in law, she’s had an interest in the areas where law intersects with technology and its effects on society at large. And as technology has evolved, so has her focus. ​ ​Today Natasha is Microsoft’s Chief Responsible ...
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