Taking the car-buying experience to the max with AI​
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When somebody is shopping for a car, they need real-world reviews and practical information about each make and model. But for retailers with tens of thousands of cars for sale at any given time, offering the right content for shoppers to make an informed decision is a continual challenge. ​

Today, CarMax is tackling this fundamental business problem by using AI to empower its content creation teams. This episode of Pivotal features CarMax's Chief Information and Technology Officer, Shamim Mohammad, who discusses his company’s interesting approach to building new AI solutions on a foundation of solid data governance and culture of experimentation, which has yield extraordinary results for customer and employee experiences.​

According to Shamim, by starting small, allowing teams the space to learn and get better, and then empowering them to put innovations into production, they can create incredible solutions and scale them quickly. And the beauty is every organization can benefit from this approach.

00:02 Introduction and Welcome

00:19 The Role of AI in Business Transformation

01:19 Introducing Guest: Shamim Mohammad from CarMax

01:53 Shamim's Journey and Role at CarMax

03:25 The Advent of AI and its Impact

04:42 AI Implementation at CarMax

07:51 The Importance of AI Governance

10:09 Creating a Culture of Experimentation

12:19 Scaling AI Projects and Governance

13:15 The Role of Data in AI Implementation

27:08 Lessons Learned from AI Implementation

29:17 The Future of AI

30:53 Conclusion and Farewell

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