Building a responsible AI to partner with humankind
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Since the beginning of Natasha Crampton’s career in law, she’s had an interest in the areas where law intersects with technology and its effects on society at large. And as technology has evolved, so has her focus. ​


Today Natasha is Microsoft’s Chief Responsible AI Officer, and no two days are the same. Internally she works shoulder-to-shoulder with engineering teams to build new AI technologies in a way that grounds AI’s awesome capabilities within Microsoft’s Responsible AI Standard. Outside of the company, Natasha contributes to a broad industry, community and government discussion about the laws and standards that will be needed to bring AI to life in a responsible way. ​


It's a fascinating line of thought, and as she says, there is much more ahead of us than behind. Tune in to this episode of Pivotal to get a glimpse into the ethics of AI and how a diverse set of perspectives and skills are coming together to make this exciting new tech frontier a reality. 

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