How Nota is using AI to spring an oasis for our news deserts​
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Local journalism has long been the lynchpin that connects people to their communities and to the nation at large. Those diverse local perspectives are critical for providing a sense of place and including everyone in the national dialogue. But across the U.S., journalism has become imperiled as news outlets dry up and go out of business — and those remaining are being asked to do more with less. In this episode, Josh Brandau of Nota talks about his lifelong passion for the news, and how Nota is using AI tools to help newsrooms thrive in the digital age and allow journalists to focus on their craft.

00:00 Introduction and Welcome

00:19 The Role of AI in Business Transformation

00:53 Demystifying AI through Innovators

01:21 The Concept of News Deserts

02:08 Josh Brandau's Journey into Journalism

03:58 The Struggles of News Organizations

05:12 The Impact of AI on Local Journalism

05:31 The Challenges Faced by Small Newspapers

06:16 How Nota is Assisting Newsrooms

07:40 The Role of AI in Journalism

10:16 The Importance of Human Control in AI

11:07 How Nota's Tools Work

14:36 The Impact of Nota on Local News

23:03 The Future of Nota and AI in Journalism

30:35 Conclusion and Final Thoughts

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